Saturday, September 26, 2015

Squeezing it all in...

Oh wow! Time flies and there is so much to do! School has started off with a lot of reading and many more papers than I would have expected for "fluff" classes. I have got all my major requirements completed, so this and next semester are strictly broadening my horizons with electives.

I am still off work on disability and am exercising through twice a week physical therapy. Quite a work out! All those leg lifts I did while wearing a cast helped I suppose, but there are a lot of muscles that were quite content on their siesta. It's ouchy now that I am challenging them. How is it that the lower back can get so weak? Anyway, I am done with the walker except for my first few morning steps to the kitchen to boil water for tea. I use a cane outside the house, but walk, without one in the house. Three months of hopping one one leg has really sapped my endurance...

The internship teaching English and literacy is going well. I am putting in about fifteen hours a week in the classroom and more time finding resources and prepping lessons. I am juggling my school work and my students' as well.

I did finish this Mushishi Yarn shawl for Val though. I expanded the Lonely Tree pattern off Ravelry to add about nine more rows. This was a math challenge, but fortunately the project turned out well. It's her "thank you for helping me through the ankle surgery" gift for her birthday. We got it blocked today. I think it looks pretty good and I am glad she is excited about it.

So, here's to fast typing and getting everything done & exercised this semester.