Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lacilee Possible Bags

The knitting retreat craft sale went well! We sold a bunch of bags and got some terrific exposure. I am the creative manufacturer and Val handles the social media/marketing. Sewing has been a wonderful stress buster and I am truly enjoying the progress my micro business has made. The Etsy site is up, see here: and the twitter feed has some pix of the last fabric purchase, see

The drawstring project bags are fun and versatile, perfect for a small to medium-size knitting project. I also have a zippered clutch for notions or whatever, and finally, a tote called the Lee Bag. In 1969 my mom, sewed this linen tote (rt.) and did all the beautiful crewel embroidery; I have inherited this gorgeous bag and made a simple pattern from it.

My totes are in cotton duck with muslin lining, there is also a 8"x6" pocket inside. The perfect knitting while walking bag! I try to find interesting or retro fabric and the finished bags have been popular. See my version below.

My job hunt may end up concluding with the couple of part-time substitute teaching jobs I have accepted. I would have never guessed that sewing would be a skill that would be my relaxation solution during this job search, and bonus, I am getting sales/marketing experience as well.While it seems employers want specialists with oodles of experience, my jack-of-all-trades versatility has served me well, even though it is apparently underappreciated in this job market. So, I am going to use my talents to stay interested and curious in my little slice of life. My ego is a little bruised, but as I see it, I have all the opportunity I want to create and learn. I'm sure this episode will be a blessing in disguise when my future is revealed. Life usually works out that way...