Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March

Way to go! OMG I am so proud of this event and I hope that worldwide politicians/lawmakers took note of this powerful representation of citizens. I didn't get my Pussy Hat finished until today, but I intend to wear it with pride for however long in solidarity with the marchers. See pattern here on Ravelry: . When I'm not wearing it my youngest daughter will be wearing it at college & my other daughter has knit her own to wear. We need to let it be known in Washington D.C. that we do pay attention and will be vigilant protecting our rights and the rights of those LGBTQ, disabled, immigrant and other marginalized groups that have become fearful during our President's campaign. Democracy and human rights are not just for a select few, but for all. Let's not forget...

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Walkin' in new shoes...

Icelandic shoe liners
Inauguration day approaches, and I do not intend to add to the litany of opinions and fear generated thus far about our President-elect. Instead, I want to express my appreciation for the Obamas and their courteous/thoughtful/socially-aware representation of our country worldwide.

Never before has the role of President been so publicly scrutinized throughout the media, both increasing public access and disseminating information about the inner workings of our government. Hopefully, this awareness will endure, keeping us vigilant of our rights in these changing times. As I look forward to these next four years, I want to remain a good steward of the gains our society has made, make thoughtful contributions to my community and continue to vote in good conscience. While this new administration may not have been my ideal choice, it has been democratically elected, and I wholly believe in the goodness of people, the power of a free citizenry and the wisdom of the Constitution.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Climate change?!

Emma & Trixie sporting fur
Missouri is known for changeable weather, but I think we have hit a new extreme today. It was 5F/-15C a few days ago, with an arctic wind and a crispy dusting of snow. Today, the high temperature was 71F/21C! An unsettled environment that seems to add to my general anxiety related to the changing political situation.

I suppose this heatwave gave us all a welcome break from winter though, and that itself was a bright point. Yeah, it felt like spring, birds singing and mud... It is a lovely change to wear a tee shirt and sandals outside in early January. I took the coats off the dogs, turned off the heat and opened the back door to get some fresh air in the house. I will be sad if all my daffodil and tulip bulbs start to pop...

Of course, the weather will change again by tomorrow night, there is a winter storm watch posted for snow, freezing rain and twenty degree temps. Our local power company must be worried, because their contracted arborists were in our neighborhood today; they trimmed my massive silver maple and it is across the street from the power lines!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017 Begins

Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, FL
Wishing all a Happy New Year!  New Year's Eve was quiet here until midnight when the neighborhood erupted with fireworks. My son & I ate BLT sandwiches, sipped sparkling wine, and watched the first Independence Day movie on DVD. Hard to believe that movie is twenty years old. Years seem to be zipping by...

Are New Year's resolutions still a thing? I've never been a fan of resolutions, and I usually do not make them, but this year I signed up for an aerobics step class starting next week. I suppose this commitment to attend an exercise class twice weekly, is my resolution. All part of my 2017 plan to expand my thinking and get out of the ordinary... okay, get out of the "stay in one place" rut I have been since ankle surgery in mid 2015.

I have been reluctant to take risks for the last eighteen months, and stayed close to home. Now I am BORED, and want to have an adventure. It has taken a full year and a half to get back to walking real mileage, negotiating stairs, improving my balance, realigning my hips and strengthening my lower back. 

So, this is the year to celebrate my personal jubilee, and I am going to do some traveling. I will head to Florida soon, to visit with my aunts and soak up some sunny warmth. I am also touring Scotland later in the Spring, hence the need to take the aerobic step class. I have written previously (see mid post here: ) about my trip to Paris in 2012; learning then, that we "lazy" Americans, lacking stairs and frequent neighborhood walks need to physically train to fully enjoy a European tour. I am preparing for Scotland with four months of step aerobics to beef up my ambulatory skills. So, besides my resolution to take an exercise class, I seem to be resolving to travel as well.