Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Climate change?!

Emma & Trixie sporting fur
Missouri is known for changeable weather, but I think we have hit a new extreme today. It was 5F/-15C a few days ago, with an arctic wind and a crispy dusting of snow. Today, the high temperature was 71F/21C! An unsettled environment that seems to add to my general anxiety related to the changing political situation.

I suppose this heatwave gave us all a welcome break from winter though, and that itself was a bright point. Yeah, it felt like spring, birds singing and mud... It is a lovely change to wear a tee shirt and sandals outside in early January. I took the coats off the dogs, turned off the heat and opened the back door to get some fresh air in the house. I will be sad if all my daffodil and tulip bulbs start to pop...

Of course, the weather will change again by tomorrow night, there is a winter storm watch posted for snow, freezing rain and twenty degree temps. Our local power company must be worried, because their contracted arborists were in our neighborhood today; they trimmed my massive silver maple and it is across the street from the power lines!

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