Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Midwest Spring

At times this blog becomes Weather 101, I know, but life here in the Midwest seems to be ruled by the the vagaries of climate. Barely three weeks ago we had almost 10 inches of snow, then yesterday & today temps were in the 80's! Let's just say Spring has burst on the scene in the last three days. The yellow forsythia bushes are starting to bloom, which means the soil temps are above fifty-five degrees, thus warm enough for early seeding. I also plucked my first asparagus fingerling today and it was delicious. We have been fertilizing and babying this bed for three years, so now the feasting begins.

The next couple of weeks will be a frenzy of activity, putting away the remnants of winter and focusing on Spring. I have already aired the woolen blankets on the clothesline and packed them into the cedar chest. The sweaters, scarves and mittens will be a bigger chore. Ashes from the fireplace will need to be scattered around the lilac bushes. Compost has been turned and I have one pile ready for spreading. I am planning a hike across the nearby field with my trog to pick up some aged horse manure from the stables too.

The magnolias are beautiful and fragrant. Apparently, the saucer magnolia hasn't suffered any ill effects from losing two large limbs. I will need to keep an eye on the trunk wounds, but these primitive trees heal over very quickly. The blue muscari is popping around the lawn as well as the purple and white violets. It is such a pleasure to sit on the front porch in the warm sunshine and just breathe the perfumed breezes.

As a knitting update, Val and I have both turned the heels on our sock project. I still need to do the gusset but Val is sailing down the instep. I'm having trouble staying inside and focused on knitting with such good weather. Emma & Wendy have enjoyed several walks. Hopefully, next week we will be modeling our new Spring socks.

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