Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shucking fear & taking my own leap of faith

Well, I've finally decided... I am going to get my Bachelor degree in English at University of Missouri. I've gotten brave enough to take my own excellent advice. I've had tons of "valid" reasons for putting off this personal commitment, the first four pop right to mind; too expensive, you have kids in college, the job market sucks, working nights and going to school is exhausting. I could certainly continue to pretend an associates arts degree earned in 2012 along with my ancient nursing degree are enough but no, not any more! I have felt opportunities lacking, given my talents and subscribing to victim of circumstances is not a good a good mental health place. This is my one and only life, so I had better accomplish this lifelong dream!

I spent years homeschooling my youngest after her day at public school. She had a medical condition and learning disabilities, so teaching her with a different perspective truly helped her academics. After spending years thinking outside of the public school education box, I got good at reaching her mindset in creative approaches. Last year, when I volunteered teaching English as a second language (ESL), I found a niche I loved. It is fascinating to work with a classroom of folks from all walks of life and language bases while creatively helping them to achieve mastery with the English language. So my ultimate goal is to actually get paid to do this rewarding work, here or abroad.

This summer I will be taking a fast track American Lit course before I start at UMSL in the fall. Got my fingers crossed this will all work out financially, and that my body will hold up at UPS long enough to get though this final school hurdle. Look at me living the dream... Good thing my kids know how to cook!

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