Friday, February 21, 2014

Sunshine & warmth!

Missouri is simply a freaky weather state! Yesterday it was 65F/18C, so all of the ground covering snow has melted. Small rivers flood the streets as water flows to the culverts. The forecast thunderstorms never happened nor the flurries, so here we are outdoors in light sweaters while the sun is shining. It becomes winter-like only in the evenings when nighttime temperatures fall into the thirties.

I've been wearing a tee shirt with my jeans and hoodie. It was gloriously sunny and warm; what a boost to morale! The dogs got walked and we rolled up our sleeves to absorb a shot of natural vitamin D. We probably should have worn boots and the dogs were a mud spattered mess, but we were all smiling afterwards. Nothing like a brilliant day to re-energize your outlook!

The Maine Morning mitts are finished & look wonderful. They look as lovely as the pot of hyacinths I purchased for Valentine's Day. Nothing like the scent of flowers filing the dining area to cheer the mood, combined with the warmth of the weather and sunshine, well, we just feel happy! The snow is gone for now and this reprieve is a wonderful event.

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