Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I suspect it's Spring

The weather is suddenly sunny and delightful 74F/23C. The garden is still mostly buried under leaf mulch but the daffodils are blooming and so are the star magnolias. Ah, the sweet perfume of Spring! A garden gnome has been installed over the rotting stump in the front garden, since the old wooden chair I placed there crumbled apart this winter. Perhaps some gnome-y blessings will spread about the yard.

School has been challenging this semester. I feel like I have been writing essays forever! At the end of this semester I will be having surgery on my ankle. I will not be able to walk or do any gardening, but I have recruited interim gardeners (my kids) to hopefully prevent any city citations for weeds. Without attention, even the prettiest gardens become wild, reverting to their natural messy state and become visual irritants to the neighbors. I am trying to simplify the gardening chores early this season by ripping out some undefined areas and redesigning them with a focal purpose. Fingers crossed, we'll see how that goes...

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