Monday, August 24, 2015

The last fun read

School starts for me at university tomorrow. I have printed off my syllabi and coordinating hours for my senior internship. All the summer reads are in the library book bag for return. The autumn season is starting, temperatures are cooling and school work resumes.

I have just finished the last pleasure reading book of my summer of recuperation. The book, Lost Luggage, written by Spaniard, Jordi Punti is a fascinating story documenting the complicated lives of orphans. The main character, Gabriel Delacruz, is an orphan who fathers four sons named Christopher by four separate women living throughout Europe. Ultimately, he abandons his sons and they are raised by their mothers. While this seems cold-blooded, Gabriel is an extraordinary character and the four Christophers unite to search for their father. A well written text that explores the effects of Franco on Spain and the myriad psychological traumas people endure throughout their lives. Punti is a perceptive, as well as creative author who creates a believable and well-written literary effort.

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