Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Capricious and creative

Four inches of snow appeared over the weekend and it was an odd silent snow. We had been outside at 9:30pm when the weather was cold, clear and dry but by 11pm the dogs were out romping in two inches of snow while huge flakes fell. No wind, no storm, no weather prediction, just snow! It all melted in a few days and now it is spring again. Today temps are in the fifties, lots of sunshine and the flower bulbs are sprouting. My daffodils are now four inches tall!

I have tried to maintain my hibernation mode but I think I am "out of the cave" for the season. My knitting  has not been as compelling either as I am dawdling through my latest hat... Outdoors is a beautiful distraction with all the little shoots and birdsong. Do you think spring is here for real in February? I half doubt it, as March can be such a cruel month but I will enjoy every sunny day.

My son and I went to a couple of estate sales this past weekend and I found some darling wooden shoes from Holland. I filled them with some silk spring flowers and I think they are a cheerful addition to my table, at least until some of my garden bulbs start flowering for bouquets.

The dogs have been thrilled with a few more walks and I have been enjoying my tea and a book on the front porch.

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