Sunday, June 16, 2013

I crave the Pinterest!!!

I have a friend whom a while back suggested I take a peek at Pinterest online. She thought I might enjoy some of the websites and the garden photos. So naively I got a log in and took a gander. I set up a few boards and initially spent a little bit of time figuring out the basics of pinning. Now approximately a month later, I am hooked so bad! I have blown significant hours looking at photos from all over the world. Last night was the worst; I logged five hours, up and down periodically to prepare dinner, eat, chat with my household adults, and feed the dogs, but once the evening settled down, my computer, Pinterest and I saw the first glimmers of dawn at 5am.

I have never been so fascinated by anything in the cyber world. I used to get bored and not have anything to do after I read the few blogs I followed, played a game of Tetris or finished my online business. Worse yet, today as I'm doing yard chores, cutting and bundling up tree limbs, I'm thinking how soon am I going to get on Pinterest!

This is serious... I thought I would spend some time considering why I am apparently addicted to this website. Of course my kids, (the fellow resident adults) think it is hysterically cute that I have become so obsessed with Pinterest. They say it's about time I found my own compelling cyber time-waster since I don't Facebook. During my head-down-on-the-desk pondering "why I crave pinning," there do seem to be some obvious benefits: Pinterest is like shopping without spending a cent; the lovely photos tickle my urge to make collections of stuff; many crafty, tasty and creative ideas abound and I can travel without airport lines. Besides what's better than getting positive feedback when your friend, who showed you the Pinterest Master, pinned one of your pins?

Golly, in three paragraphs I've said Pinterest seven times! Maybe I'll get bored soon? Otherwise, I think I will need to invest in some vascular support knee socks, so my feet won't swell while I sit on my butt for hours and ogle all the pretty pictures. Hmm... maybe I could take my laptop to bed?


  1. What? No pic on this post? How is this supposed to get 'pinned' without a picture??? ;o)

  2. I am taking a pic break... I need to fight the pin urge!

  3. I am taking a pic break... I need to fight the pin urge!