Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Local flooding of the Missouri River

Weather and it's effects seem to be a constant feature in this blog; Mother Nature is significant element of daily life here in Missouri. Last Friday, a tornado blew through, causing no damage to my bit of property but damaging trees and the Holiday Inn near the highway. Fortunately, most local residents have basements and use them when the sirens & weather alerts go off, so injuries were minimal. I didn't have to go into work because power was out at UPS... So my two weeks of vacation started a day early.

KATY trail near fence at Frontier Park
Torrential rains had preceded the tornado, and the Missouri river here in town is quite high and rising. The high winds associated with the tornado event broke a crane barge free from it's mooring at the Blanchette Bridge and swept it upriver to abut against the railroad bridge that runs parallel to the Discovery Bridge. For the last five days massive tugboats have attempted to free the crane which has become pinned against the train bridge with tons of logs and debris, causing a "beaver dam effect." It is amazing there are so many floating logs in the river, where could they all come from? Anyway, Frontier Park has currently (no pun intended) become one with the river. The park benches look tiny out in the water.
Saturday June 1st
 The Lewis & Clark Boathouse still had a parking lot on Saturday, but by Tuesday afternoon it was under a foot or two of water. A few folks took their canoe and kayak out for a paddle. There are also some brave souls taking the opportunity to fish from the KATY trail alongside the park.

Tuesday June 4th
Floods are a relentlessly steady creep of water. We've had a bit of rain and more is forecast for the next few days. Fortunately, I live about a mile and a half uphill from the river, so aside from the fascination of seeing the river way over it's banks, my garden is not imminently threatened. So far no homes are threatened here in St. Charles city, unfortunately, the county and unincorporated areas are having to evacuate. Hopefully, we will get lucky and the water will recede quickly.

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