Saturday, September 14, 2013

Technical difficulties

Hello again! I have been offline for about a week because my computer's software crashed. Initially, I thought we could do some home repair but nope, my five year old laptop needed professional help. So Tony, at my local computer shop bailed me out and about 26 hours later, I have a completely wiped machine with a new operating system.

Five whole days without the internet... You know that gives you time to think. I don't have TV, so the internet is my news and entertainment, but I hung in there reading two library books and listening to NPR. No, I did not start to get jittery missing Pinterest, I finished that crochet shawl for my daughter. The things that worried me most were bills and did my paycheck post correctly. You see I do all my regular bills electronically and use direct deposit. All is well now, but it is amazing how little paper documentation is moving within modern society. I can honestly say the temporary loss of my laptop was an eye opening experience.
Wendy & Emma HATE it when I am on the box!

So now that I am gratefully back on the interwebs, I have learned several lessons from this technical difficulty:  back up your files more than once a year on your handy external hard drive, limit your bookmarks to the few you actually look at frequently, dump your temporary files regularly to limit sneaky viruses and do the updates. I think I've got it.... now.

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