Monday, September 30, 2013

Vacation & Sipping Wine

I am back from a brief vacation. I spent a few days with my Aunts in Florida. My immediate family is quite small since my parents have passed on; including my three kids, the family numbers only nine members. Of course if you throw in the pets we sound a bit more impressive at nearly twenty. So, we try to keep in touch.

I have been exhausted from all the hostile shenanigans at work and really just wanted a good sleep. Of course, sufficient quantities of food & drink I hadn't had to prepare myself were also vacation requirements. I find it so refreshing to get out of your usual element and travel. Florida is only a two and a half hour flight, but the sense of freedom from simply being away from home is what I find truly exhilarating. Weather is irrelevant, unless extreme and for the most part I am amused by simple sightseeing as well as the foodie experience.

I had a terrific time learning about white wines this trip. I admit I am partial to Merlots, but different environments are meant to stretch your palate. I sampled several sparkling Spanish Cavas which were bright, dry delights. Another Spanish white I enjoyed was a 2010 Sabrego, it had a faintly fresh green apple sense but overall was a  lovely, solid complement to the lump crab cakes I was savoring. I also sipped a couple of Pinot Grigios that were not too heavily flavored with oak paired with some lovely sauteed shrimp. Overall, my brief immersion in white wines was quite enjoyable and I came away with a greater appreciation of their diversity.

Rainwater pouring out downspout
 My most outrageous wine sampling was the Dutch ChocoVin with Merlot for dessert one night. I had never even remotely considered drinking a chocolate wine, but when in Rome... Well, the first half glass is very sweet & chocolatey, but you know, once the 13%  alcohol hits, it doesn't taste bad at all! Best to limit yourself to one glass though, because it could be a dangerous drink with a dollop of whipped cream.

So vacation was great! During the moments I wasn't eating or drinking I was restfully (knitting in hand) staring out the window contemplating the relaxation effect of rain on the nearby lake. The weather in Florida was odd, it rained constantly for at least three days. An impressive seven inch accumulation of water and some flooding. I find it amazing with serious drought conditions in the Midwest, there seems to be an abundance of this rainy resource falling everywhere else...

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