Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Government shutdown day 2...

I'd say the American people are pawns in this shameful display of Congressional grandstanding. I don't like taking the punishment for politicians who apparently don't know how to do their jobs. I don't feel that my vote mattered, nor do I think that our wealthy representatives care two hoots about their constituents.

Take for example Sen. Ted Cruz's twenty-one hour filibuster... let's see, his wisdom ranged from Dr. Suess's Green Eggs & Ham to Star Wars impersonations, not even original material, nor on topic. If you want to scrutinize his oratory even more, his choice of these topics mean he is speaking from at most, a second grade educational level. Way to go Mr. Ivy League graduate! I'm sure your alma maters, Harvard & Princeton are so proud of you... I don't care what party you represent, you wasted twenty-one valuable hours of possible productive negotiations with your narcissistic drivel. And not to let the news media off the hook either, it seems their main focus was Sen. Cruz's amazing bowel and bladder control... Has our government simply deteriorated to the level of a survival reality show?!

So now federal workers are furloughed, Obamacare is moving ahead anyway and the general public is left holding the bag again! National parks, museums and zoos are closed, sorry kiddos no educational opportunities here. Some Headstart daycare centers have closed, so do little ones stay home alone while parents work? Gotta wonder, I think it's a big screw you, directed at the poor and working classes, their kids too. Those furloughed, "nonessential" workers will surely remember how tough or impossible it was to make their house, car or utility payments without a regular paycheck. Oh, and just for the record, I don't believe any senators or congressmen lose a penny of their pay during the government shutdown they allowed to happen!!! and Obamacare moved forward anyway, just as law required.

 Any politicians looking for votes from these folks, better think again. Oh, I know you politicians depend on us, the American public, having a short memory but you know, if my only vacation of the year is wrecked or my kids are put in jeopardy I'm going to remember it was my elected representative that made it happen. If I lose my house or car or maybe have my power shut off, I'll remember that too because average Americans cannot save two to three months income for these random government shutdowns.

On the upside, finally citizens without health insurance will be able to have the healthcare they need. Any insurance is better than no insurance, not just for the patient but for the hospital and all of us who foot the uninsured patients' medical bills. The cost of care and lost work time incurred by folks who have been denied insurance is paid by each and every one of us; think about it, burdensome overtime, taxes or even the possibility of getting sick from the unvaccinated or untreated individual. Obamacare isn't ideal but it's a start.  

Interesting to note the stock market and big business are thriving without any deleterious effects from the government shutdown. Gasoline prices have dropped here to $2.97 per gallon. Could we somehow be better off without our representatives yanking us around?

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