Monday, October 28, 2013

Seasonal interests

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!" Yes, I'm humming the Mr.Roger's theme song... Fall weather is full of surprises. Today is what I call "warmy-cool," sunny warmth but with a bit of chill in the air. Perfect temperature for sitting on the front porch with a cuppa. I've been slowly & carefully assessing the remainders of the gardening season, since I am still wearing a knee splint. We harvested the last of the Nantes carrots and they will go into a vegetarian au gratin casserole tonight.

The Black Swallowtail caterpillars have crept off to cocoon-up for overwinter. A bit more internet research reassured us the hungry, carrot-green-chomping caterpillars would indeed survive the cold. American Black Swallowtails do not migrate, but produce two to three broods to populate their range, so my doom prediction is happily avoided.

Halloween is coming and we have put the fearsome wreath on the door. This is an easy/quick wreath project. I used a white vine wreath base which I painted with black enamel spray paint. While the paint on the wreath frame dried, I also sprayed some silk magnolia leaves with the black enamel for a spooky shine. The feather covered raven, paper spider and mini plastic skeletons were found at the dollar store and attached with twist ties and hot glue. I added a little blood red paint to the skeletons and the raven's beak for a bit of gore. The lowest skeleton is hanging from a noose and I attached some shiny chain from my toolbox for interest. A very satisfying project that has hung on my door for Halloween the last two years.

I will be trying a new (Pinterest) idea this year; placing glow sticks in empty toilet paper rolls with scarily shaped eyes cut out, to hang in the shrubs. It should look spooky for the little trick-or-treaters, along with my old torn sheet ghost and electrified pumpkins glowing on the front porch. So, Thursday we'll be filling the treat cauldron and popping a scary movie disc in the computer to get in the mood. Happy Boo! to you all and have a safe Halloween.

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