Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Economic stagnation

I guess I'm not surprised our elected officials will be debating until the final moments before default... I wonder if it is simply all theatrics to prove to their power base how dedicated to the party cause they are. All this petty childishness from our professional lawmakers while the American public remains unemployed & underemployed in a struggling economy.

Take a walk or drive through any suburban neighborhood, count how many cars are parked outside these houses, then think; do they have that many teenage drivers? are they having a party mid-week? or own too many cars for their garage? No, no, no. These vehicles belong to the family members and/or friends who have moved in to save some money. Folks are couchsurfing or doubling up their incomes, just to make it. People work all sorts of crazy hours and multiple jobs to get by; there could be any number of residents in that nice suburban home.

My son moved back home after seven years on his own, he works an evening shift. I work a night shift. My daughter goes to college and works two jobs that involve weekends and variable evening hours. Dinner involves crockpot meals, with everyone serving up their own portion. This is how citizens make a bad economy work for them; they pool their resources and live creatively.

NPR states there is a "psychic disconnect between Wall Street and Washington." Must be something like Wall Streeters and companies are making money, while Washington is trying to limit imaginary money from being spent. The citizen on the street doesn't have any extra money to spend and for some, losing entitlements/public assistance would mean a death sentence.

Wake up politicians! These problems were not created by the general public they were created by YOU, our elected representatives throughout years, maybe even decades of mismanagement, corruption and greed. And still you cannot stop debating the "water under the bridge" elements of Obamacare or entitlements. Not helpful... Do your jobs & vote! Do something! We are swirling the drain out here in John Q. Publicland. At least there was a small glimmer of hope if we default, an NPR guest stated "the treasury has a money cushion" that can cover our a**es for a few days.

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