Sunday, October 13, 2013

Creative juices

I have been noticing a surge in my creative juices of late, although possibly the cooler weather has invigorated my overall outlook. Of course, it didn't hurt to take a short vacation either...

 Life on the job front has settled down since the difficult manager was fired while I was away in Florida. No, I am not cutting loose with any revelatory whoops, because anyone losing a job in this economy is dealt a challenge, but this situation surely reminds me that karma abounds. It is a quite a relief to be on the job at a significantly less stressful workplace.

So creativity abounds and I have been finding some new projects. I unraveled a triangular style scarf whose faulty geometry did not allow for long enough tails to tie comfortably around the neck. After washing the "noodle-ly" yarn and re-balling it, I have found a better scarf pattern, to give this self striping wool, a much more flattering display. The narrower perspective of the Chevron Pattern scarf showcases the KNITCOL, 100% merino, #047, allowing the variety of stripes to really pop with what I consider, yellow tinted party colors. It's not quite done yet, nor blocked, but photographed against a winter coat, it does look smashing! This will surely be a fun and versatile scarf to wear for Fall. The pattern is easy:

Cast on 32 stitches.
Row 1 (wrong side): Purl across.
Row 2 (right side): k2, yo, k5, sk2p, k5, yo, k2, yo, k5, sk2p, k5, yo, k2.
Repeat rows 1 & 2 until scarf reaches desired length, ending on Row 1.
Bind off. Weave in ends and block if desired.

Abbreviations: k = knit
                      sk2p = slip one stitch, knit two stitches together then, pass the
                                  slipped stitch over the two knitted together stitches.
                      yo = yarn over
The KNITCOL yarn is a light worsted weight. I have used a size US 9 needle. There is certainly room for flexibility in the pattern for many yarn types and needle sizes. Have fun!

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