Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Yep, I am still raising cane! Everyday the knee improves. Weather got really cold last night around 18F (-7C), so the cat decided to camp out indoors and we covered the goldfish pond with carpet. I snuggled under the duvet with some milky, hot Russian tea and read, since my joints were a bit achy. I'm still taking some recuperative naps while planning some significant or perhaps memorable projects during my time off from work.

In my post-op drugged loopiness, I dropped a glass jar in my bathroom sink. Eyes closed, I anticipated a smash of glass but nope, only a thunk... In a moment of cosmic physics, my sink broke instead! Wow, simply wow! Admittedly, there was already a hairline crack in the porcelain from a prior episode of clumsiness, but how I could tap the ultimate breaking point with a flimsier item can only be regarded as extraordinary. My sinkhole, as handyman Todd calls it, is impressive. All you can do is laugh...

Nothing focuses your attention on inadequate bathroom facilities like illness or disability. Since this is the one & only house I will ever own, whenever something breaks I try to upgrade with my senior years in mind. I added grab bars to my full bath when the original 50 year old soap dish fell off the wall, requiring a re-tiling of the tub enclosure. So now, since I have a sink to replace, handyman Todd suggested adding grab bars and move a wall out about a foot to accommodate a normal sized sink/vanity in this currently tiny 4'x6' WC.

 Hmmm... Big sounding project. It's a given that I am not particularly graceful nor gravity resistant, so I'm thinking a bit of bathroom demolition now might be a prudent hedge against possible future inconvenience. I really won't miss the chipped & broken 1960's pink wall tile anyway.

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