Thursday, November 7, 2013

Trials & smiles

I will be getting my knee "scoped" tomorrow. This ridiculous accident, a momentary trip over the dog's bed, has caused unexpected expense, time off from work and the derailing of the end of season garden clean-up. Yet, the positive aspects of my injury, yes, there are always positives to every negative, have been occupying my mind of late. I think a list is in order here:

1.) I've had the time to consider my employment future, and am making concrete plans to go forward with some positive life changes reflecting my new interests in teaching, ESL, voice acting, and writing.

2.) I must keep up with my regular walks and consider taking another yoga class. Strength and balance are issues that change with age and I need to continue toning.

3.) Continue experimenting with new recipes, this has been fun, adding spice to our dinners at home.

Ready, set...
4.) Plan for some daily quality reading or knitting time, not relegating my interests to last place.

Life is about choices and unfortunately, I had shifted into living on autopilot regarding my work and household routines. Vitality and enthusiasm are the hallmarks of a life actively chosen. Life slips by with the adoption of a "meh" attitude, simply going through the motions without consideration of where you are going. From now on, I am determined to bound out the door with the enthusiasm of my dogs,
because I realize it is simply a more terrific life when you can greet it joyously.

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