Monday, January 13, 2014

Gimme 10

Think 10...  A lovely number, in fact every kindergartener is thrilled the first time they can count that high. It's fun to add and multiply, just a one and a zero. In minutes it's not too long, and for sit ups or weight lifting its a goal, take ten is a nice little break. I like the number ten, it's universal, metric and all around a happy number, so I use it surprisingly often throughout my day. The number ten can be an integral part of your financial plan too.

Take ten. Even set a timer and with pencil and scrap paper write down ten dreams, those things you would really want to do or achieve perhaps this year or in your lifetime. Now, write down ten life essentials, stuff like love your family, pay bills, or develop healthy habits & then, ten things you could do without. These are all exercises to encourage conscious goal directed life choices, not the autopilot cruising which causes us to forget we are the cruise director on this journey. Now read through your lists; is there a theme? Lists are wonderful tools to simplify your life, whether on index cards, post-its or in a lovely Moleskine journal. It is important to have a hard copy reminder.

So now, it could be easy to say chuck all 10 items on the list you could do without, but focus is a key element to bring about positive change in your life. Big or small, #10 or # 1 choose a single item and focus on how to eliminate it, because those life essentials and ultimately your dreams are negatively effected by the ten things you could do without. Successful life changes are gradual processes of re-education, reminding and modification. Keep your lists in your wallet for handy reference.

The final ten is making sure you are saving 10% of every paycheck. Set it aside and be disciplined. Use direct deposit to automatically remove the percentage from your regular pay, when you don't see it, you don't spend it. Dreams need regular fundraising to be successful. Use the focus of your simple lists to provide direction & accomplishment of the stuff which gives personal value and joy to your life.

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