Monday, January 6, 2014

Bitter cold

When snow and polar temperatures are forecast, Mid-westerners definitely heed the warnings. It is quite impressive when folks are shopping Thursday night (2 days in advance) and clearing off grocery shelves by Saturday evening in preparation for predicted severe weather. Besides all the bread & milk that was wiped out, it looks like the local household storm menu would be soup, chili or spaghetti. The sandwich fixin's were also fairly decimated, and of course the cheaper liquor selections and bottled water took major hits at our local grocery. Friday & Saturday saw long lines at grocery checkouts and gas stations, but by late evening, everyone seemed to be home, snugged in with their provisions.

I cooked up a big pot of lentil soup. So when everyone returned home from work by 9PM the savory kettle was simmered and tasty. Val baked a delicious chocolate cake with homemade cream cheese frosting, so we were stuffed and happily readying for the storm. The snow shovels were set by each door along with a few bags of sand. A few arm fulls of cord wood were brought in for the fireplace and the rest of the blankets came out of the cedar chests for additional bedding.

Wendy in green & blue flowers, Emma in mod neon.
 I got busy sewing up a dog coat for Wendy. I had made Emma one a few years ago, so fortunately I had a demo model to work from. There are only three pieces to my creation; it is insulated with polyester quilt batting, polar fleece and topped with decorative corduroy. Wendy needed a couple more inches across the chest and back, but otherwise I remembered how to assemble the pieces correctly and had a new dog coat in a short time. The girls have been wearing their coats for potty runs, which given the chill are brief. I decided to leave them wearing their coats inside tonight in case we lose power. Aren't they stylin'?

The anticipated blizzard arrived about five hours late, but the snow accumulation was a significant ten inches by mid-morning Sunday. Handyman Todd made it by the house tonight and was surprise snow blowing the driveway! The roads are still not plowed but with a couple hundred extra pounds in the back of his van, he managed to slowly get through the neighborhood. He earned a big hug, a hot mug 'o' tea, and a sack dinner to go... 

Temps are now down to -3F/-19C with a bitter wind chill of -24F. I am not sure many folks will be going to work tomorrow... the plows still haven't been around. The trash haulers texted us that all Monday pickup routes will be cancelled. The local schools are also cancelled. The world is definitely quiet here as folks are all inside keeping safe and warm. Our fireplace is a pleasure and we are finally burning some of the half cord of wood I've been saving for years. Here's hoping everyone keeps warm and safe during this severe weather as it blankets the Midwest and heads East.

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