Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rainforest conditions!

Missouri weather is never boring! Lately, it has been raining a lot, not sprinkles but thundering downpours. There was even a small tornado touchdown in St. Peters on Sunday. When it is not raining, its hot and humid, although the nights cool down to the 60's. Crazy weather for June, much more like early Spring.... Lawn mowing continues to be a challenge and I missed my single, afternoon window of opportunity last Friday. Instead, I was weeding the raised beds,  planting the beans and deadheading the rose bushes between storms; vegetables are going to be late season producers this year. Our cactus & orchids are thriving though in the steaminess and blooming!

The rain barrels are working wonderfully, in fact are overflowing, since I'm not needing to water with all this rain. I am definitely appreciative of the rain though, droughts are terrible. Strange how we can have so much precipitation here in the landlocked Midwest, yet ocean bordering California is in the midst of a severe drought...   Anyway, the Missouri River is on the rise again but we are no where near flood stage yet.

I'm in the final week of my online university class and hope to do well on the final paper. Happily, I am on vacation this week so I can devote more time to writing. Online class #2 starts June 16th and finishes in July. I'll take a four week break and start the Fall semester with two more online classes and one heatin' the seat class. I am really motivated, feeling like I'm finally making some significant forward motion in my life plans.

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