Monday, June 23, 2014


Blazing hot 90-100F/32-37C with so much humidity my glasses steam up leaving the house! The porch orchids are living in simulated Amazonian conditions and blooming beautifully. I finally emptied one rain barrel and almost the second one keeping the raised beds and front yard gardens moist; so far nothing has died. This past Saturday & Sunday we were finally blessed with some heavy rain that re-filled the rain barrels, gave all the plants a good drink but the humidity is staying at 87%. NOAA weather says thunderstorms will continue all week with temps around 87F during the day. Guess we will see...

Happy bean plants
The raised veg beds are all planted. The heirloom tomatoes from last year reseeded, so there is 1 Mortgage Lifter, plenty of Romas and hopefully, some German Pinks. I rotated the beans into the middle bed and planted Spartan Arrow bush beans, a change from the usual Blue Lake bush. We're growing 4 sweet peppers, called Carmen and one Jalapeno pepper. I purchased all the peppers in six inch pots from Wmart. The Black Hungarian pepper seeds I was starting got toasted one hot, sunny day, so I went with what I planted last year. Next year I will start the seed germination process a few weeks earlier.
Baby Roma tomatoes

It has gotten cloudy with thunderheads moving in, and the light has changed. So I ran out an got a few garden pix before the storm. I am onto my next online class at University, so I am unable to post as often. So my apologies in advance. I'm hoping to do some photo logs for posts and have taken some pictures of the currently blooming daylilies.

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