Thursday, January 14, 2016

Revisiting the River

The Missouri River is still high but now to a level within its normal banks. Took the dogs for a walk along the KATY Trail and through Frontier Park. Note that our nifty picnic pavilion is pretty sharp looking without all that muddy floodwater. The El Nino weather system is still causing odd climate changes here; today was 60F/15C! A lovely mild day for walking the dogs...

Look how far down the river is!
Emma beagle is simply a strong, and nose-to-the-ground active hunter on doggie outings. Wendy has had some health issues in December; a couple seizures, then possibly a stroke. She had been declining over Christmas, not eating, weak, falling over and deaf. We were heartbroken, but after a literal week of sleep she was a little stronger. Unfortunately, the hearing issue and dulling of her personality were ongoing with her lack of appetite. So after a return trip to the vet, we added steroids to her seizure med, to decrease brain inflammation from either the stroke, or as the vet suspects a possible brain tumor. Well, that was a tearful trip home but one dose of steroids later our sweet, goofy cocker spaniel was back!
Wendy dog & Julia
Emma pauses for our pix

While these meds are as aggressive as we will get, Wendy is family and we are absolutely keeping her comfortable and happy. So strength building walks are good for her and me. Emma and Jul are the two normal ones here, but I am happy to say I can now out walk Jul on hills! My new ankle is great and the rest of my previously handicapped self is definitely benefiting from all these sunny days outside walking mileage in our local parks.

My last semester at school will be starting Tuesday, January 19th, so the blog might get neglected again. We shall see how it goes...

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