Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Emma has been sad and seemed to be more anxious when we left the house and during thunderstorms. Spring in Missouri is just one thunderstorm after another with the occasional tornado and lots of noisy hail, so an anxious dog is going to be stressed for months. We decided to start visiting our local pound a couple weeks ago and Emma had a few sniff visits that were unsuccessful, but she did seem to perk up after meeting different dogs. We were hopeful if we found the right little female dog Emma would be receptive to sharing her space.

Our surprise at finding, then adopting a smaller, active and younger dog buddy is still part of our family adjustment, but Emma's co-dog is Trixie, a Yorkshire terrier mix. Emma always wanted to play with Wendy, who had no clue as to what dog play was, but Trixie plays chase and tug! Emma is exhausted but happy. There have been a few doggy snarls as Emma sets her boundaries on where to sleep and "don't jump on me" instruction, but Trixie, a 1 yr old, seems to be willing to comply. Us humans have had a few good laughs while they play in the yard, so the new dog is really helping to smooth away our sadness over Wendy's death. Spring should be action packed with both happy and exhausted dogs.

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