Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spring and Rebirth

MoBot Reflecting Pond & Chihuly Orbs
Spent a lovely, drizzly Sunday at the Missouri Botanical Garden. It was a wonderful three hour springtime walk and I was thrilled to be able to "naturally" ambulate. I think I am finally rehabbed from the ankle replacement of last May. Lately, I have been fighting the arthritis demon, but happily this too is resolving. This whole experience of prolonged recovery has tested both my endurance and patience. If nothing else I have learned that persistence does pay off... over time, oh and with a bit of pain, a few additional trials and more tears than I care to admit. So, this spring season seems brighter, sweeter and every bloom is a sign of celebration to me.

University is almost over! Graduation is May 14th and I will be walking independently across that graduation stage. Resumes ready I am already looking for jobs. Big steps, a little scary, but I am confident there will be a new path for me to walk.  

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