Thursday, July 28, 2016

Growing Eggplant

Sunny, hot and humid here... and there are frequent thunderstorms, so think rain forest conditions! My orchids are blooming like crazy on the front porch. I emptied one rain barrel watering the raised beds and it was refilled in less than 8 hours! This year we have branched out on our veg selection and added in two Ichiban Eggplants that we purchased from Lowe's this spring. This was a terrific impulse decision because these two plants are the perfect fit for our local growing conditions. We have already enjoyed several for dinner. See the growing site here

I cook what I consider a "rustic" pasta sauce in the summer, which is a chunky, fresh veg filled version of my winter sauce. It is light and refreshing, simply perfect over spinach pasta or baked yellow potatoes. Saute two or more of these slim eggplant when they are about 8" long, sliced with two fresh zucchini 1/4'd and sliced, an onion or two, some grated carrot and a yellow bell pepper also sliced. If our tomatoes will ever turn red I would dice them up too, but while I am waiting... I add 3-15oz. cans of diced tomatoes with juice and added olive oil and oregano (Aldi brand) and a generous chopped picking of basil from the garden. Top with grated Parmesan cheese if desired. Quick, yummy and even tastier the next night as the flavors mingle.

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