Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Possible Bags

Have been keeping busy by clearing out some of my fabric stash. I have made "knitting bags" for many years now, sort of a stow and go bag that is a pretty carryall for the current knitting project. It is also a colorful bag that is easy to locate when knitting travels with you around the house. Sizes for the bags are variable, since I buy fabric remnants or 2/3 of a yard lengths, but the average bag size is 15"L x 12"W. The bags have a simple ribbon drawstring and are usually 100% cotton, so they can be washed. Obviously, they can be used for anything; I have used them for shoes in my suitcase, they also have organized kids toys on road trips. Anyway, shall be bringing about 25! to knitting club next week. Sitting at the sewing machine, cranking out these bags has become my current relaxing distraction activity, since the extreme heat this week has limited my gardening time.

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