Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Travel itch

Our Smoky Mtn. adventure (2009!)
So, today I waved goodbye to my son... just a teensy bit envious that I was not the person behind the wheel heading west on a road trip to northern Nevada. I'd forgotten how exciting it is to anticipate, then prepare and finally pack for an adventure in this big world. The thrill of a little stomach quiver, half joy and half fear, that accompanies one of those big steps into the unknown at the leaving.

I'd forgotten how much I enjoy the challenge of paring down, packing versatile essentials and traveling light. The largest suitcase I have ever used was a 21" x 14" rolling bag which I filled with warm stuff & boots for ten days in Iceland. The smallest bag was the motorcycle saddlebag of my adventurous twenties, when sleeping on the beach and throwing jeans and a tee shirt over your swimsuit was "good enough!" So obviously, I am still a light packer, and I have no problem ditching a few items to make room for a souvenir. My pro traveling aunts have schooled me in priorities, they once told me to pack only old undies, so you can throw them out as you go... Something I have done, and a few tee shirts too, as well as an occasional read paperback ditched on a bench. It's book recycling if you think about it.

I've forgotten to remember to take a vacation! With school, work and then this prolonged job search I have not left Missouri since 2013! This is a surprising realization, especially since my last "gettin' outta town" moment was a three day business trip to NY and VT see here:

I have decided this situation needs to be spiced up with a quick trip to anywhere, because my constant "stay-cation" has left me unrefreshed. Since the budget is tight, and my passport expired this July, I will be exploring somewhere stateside. I think I could even tolerate sleeping in my car too. This could be very cool, I am already excited about the possibilities.

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