Monday, August 8, 2016

Turtle Philosophy

This is the third time I have rescued a Missouri Box Turtle from Trixie the Terrier. She used to bark at this little guy before she would try to chomp his shell, but then she got disciplined (admonished and doggie timeout) when I discovered what she was doing. Now, she only barks once before she starts gnawing... The turtle is safe inside, but this time she did chip his shell. I dabbed some Bacitracin on the chipped edge and moved the turtle to the front yard garden. Once turtle decided it was safe outside his shell, he took off at a surprising speed straight for the back yard again!

Two things I have learned from this: turtles have a sense of direction & no matter how risky, being in their home environment is where a turtle wants to live. Add this information to the fabled, "slow and steady wins the race" and turtles seem to have a lock on the wisest approach to life.

Have a direction, it might take some time to figure this out, but once done it is a guiding light to how to proceed with anything. Random or scattershot approaches rarely yield results, whereas a planned approach generally meets with success. I have been applying the "direction" approach to my job search, looking in similar places and honing in on my skillset. The "I can learn anything" approach isn't a productive selling point, instead the focused "I am good at this" is the asset that gets attention. Certainly, the adaptability factor of the first approach is valuable, but it is secondary to what one can actually do and do well.

Head for home, means be in a comfortable place where the fit is right. Yes, there might be harrowing dogs, but home is where needs are met, the situation is familiar, you can be yourself and loving support is available. I'm not sure about turtle love, but heck, that little turtle came from somewhere and I'm not altogether sure it is the same turtle I have rescued before. When you are dispirited or ecstatic going home is the place to share, cry and love when life isn't going the way you want.  

Finally, take the slow and steady approach, stop being impatient if life doesn't work out the way you've anticipated. Life is unpredictable, maybe there is a reason our plans aren't fulfilled or perhaps, it's simply time to change. Affecting the mindset to keep plodding forward, heads us on a path that is possibly the only concrete element to making it in the world today... being in the right place at the right time.

Maybe this explains the importance of turtles... it's simply Turtle Power. Choose a direction, return home as needed and keep moving forward. Amazing the wisdom I find in the garden; the natural world used to be our home, perhaps we should return once in a while to appreciate these valuable lessons.

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