Thursday, September 8, 2016

Harvest yum

Well, the oldest spaghetti squash has been harvested and eaten. It was a tasty vegetarian meal until I topped it with Parmesan cheese. I never combine this squash with pasta sauce simply because it does not replace the deliciousness of pasta. On its own, spaghetti squash has a unique flavor and texture and pretending it is pasta-like does this vegetable a disservice, often causing dislike of this squash among the deceived. So be honest and own the fact spaghetti squash is good just as it is!

I had been put off by being served this lied about squash myself, but decided to give it another try when I found out it could be cooked in the microwave. Hard-skinned squashes are always a pain to hack open and then bake in the oven, so I was game to try the microwave option. Basic instructions: wash the squash, poke the squash all over with a knife, then microwave 8-12 minutes. My squash was smaller than the ones usually found in the grocery store, so I only cooked it for 7 minutes. Then let it cool for 10-15 minutes, so you can handle it while cutting it in half lengthwise. It gets very HOT!

While I am microwaving and then cooling the squash, I am cooking the rest of the vegetables I will add the spaghetti squash into... Like sauteed onions, zucchini, eggplant, carrot and peppers. It is really personal choice from here, although keeping textures similar might be a palatability consideration. I don't happen to enjoy hard lumps, nor mush so do what you want. A point of pride though is that 50% of the veg came from our garden, squash, peppers and eggplant. I leave the salt & peppering to individual taste at the table and just shred up some Parmesan for topping. Again, any topping or no topping works too. This is a free-form recipe as well, eyeball amounts or use what you have, creativity is a plus.

Here's a Trixie update: I have trained her to a carpet square while we eat and to an old knitted shawl at the foot my bed. Of course in her mind any knitted, crocheted or woolen item on the bed is fair game. Too cute! While I am not thrilled that her foot is on my pillow, it is a legitimate mistake on her part and I am letting it slide. Oh, and her sleepy, little face is making my heart explode from the cuteness! Awww...

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