Tuesday, September 27, 2016


It is obvious from the last few posts that I am filling some of my time with creative writing. Actually, I signed up for an adult ed class at the local community college. I was missing homework! All those years of school have really left a mark. Anyway, the class is fun, as well as challenging... like, I do not usually write poetry.  My little rhyming Goldenrod poem was well received at class and I was also tickled that I could format the type into a butterfly shape. That little picture interpretation simply makes me smile.

I am still sewing possible bags ( http://dustoffurthinkin.blogspot.com/2016/06/possible-bags.html ) and I have about 100 completed for a knitting retreat craft table in St. Louis this weekend. My daughter is coming along to help set up. We have enjoyed planning out some of the details for this new undertaking. Since I am still only intermittently interviewing for jobs, I decided to create a micro-craft business for myself. It at least gives me working goals and structured activity during the week. If this jobless situation is a clue to retirement, I will need to have an interesting activity plan in place to cope.

I am not a person to sit down and wait, or play hours of computer games, and I got rid of my TV in 2008, so I keep busy doing useful stuff. Volunteering, reading and knitting are all on my schedule, along with walking the dogs. The garden is winding down now, so currently, I am painting one wall of my kitchen... when I get bored with sewing. A couple years ago, I had Handyman Todd install an orange pendant lamp near the stove. It was going to be my "little sun" in the winter months. I decided I loved the color idea, so now I am painting the "hob" area around the stove orange. I've only got the primer up and  a second coat is probably needed, but I like it lots, especially with the orange light reflecting on my copper strainer. It will look terrific once I get the Tangerine Dream color (see paint chip at right) painted on. I am painting the cabinet unit under the kettle as well, so the whole corner, including ceiling section will have the same glow. Moving forward one corner at a time!

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