Friday, February 17, 2017

Wedding Bells

My oldest daughter and her fiancé decided Christmas eve that they would marry early 2017. They have been engaged for about a year and a half already, but her husband-to-be, who graduated with a BA in Marketing in 2015 has gotten insurance benefits (yay!) with his permanent, part-time stock clerk position at a local warehouse store. This financial benefit encouraged them to legalize their status. I am an excited mother-of-bride, and we are busy crafting a beautiful, budget civil ceremony .

March is when the nuptials will take place at our local courthouse. We have discovered it is possible to plan a reasonable, yet unique wedding with only a few months lead time. My daughters and I hit the January sales at our local Macy's & Dillards department stores. The bride purchased a lovely indigo lace dress for a little over $100, and my maid-of-honor daughter and I found lovely dresses for less than $50 each. I also discovered, at a local antique mall, a charming vintage blue silk velvet pillbox hat with a blue rhinestone pin for the bride's headpiece; it was only $10, and looks perfect! The fresh flower bouquets and boutonnieres will cost about $100 and a mini custom cake from our local market will cost $35. So, the main symbolic wedding pieces are in place through a combination of lucky providence and some smart shopping. 

The one item I had the primary responsibility of crafting was the wedding garter... ah, yes a little knitting had to be included in the ceremony for my knitterly daughter/bride. I found a lovely knit garter in Piecework Magazine Nov/Dec 2014 pg. 58, . I knit the wider Garter B, and I have to say, this is not the pattern you want to knit with either noisy distractions or a glass of wine on board, it's a little tricky. I used Silky Alpaca Lace, colour #2498 on size 2 (2.75 mm) needles. This little project accompanied me to Tampa, FL a couple weeks ago to visit my aunts. I was trying to infuse only positive karma, but honestly there was a little cussin' before this garter was finished. Today, I swished the finished garter in a "happy-joy rinse" prior to blocking. It looks good, with only 1 tiny mistake.... of course, that I noticed after pinning. Happily, I am sure this little jog will be hidden once the silk ribbons are woven through for tying it to the leg. 

So, exciting times and life changes! I am looking forward to this Spring season. It has warmed up here unusually early, temps today were 73F/22.7C! My daffodils are 6 inches tall and the dogs have been loving their daily walks.

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