Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Odd how little stresses combine to leave one in a frazzled and exhausted state... I had to get outta town and have some riveting caring chats, lots 'o' wine and some TLC with my wonderful aunts in Florida. I took a phone, computer & radio blackout for the last week and it has made all the difference. I am sure there has been an "atrocity a day" while I was out of town, but I was glad not to know about them. Contemplating my individual future in a climate of angst is not conducive to developing any degree of peace of mind or a rational personal plan. And self-centered or not, I was really ready to have some significant me time to figure out whether I'm retired, or simply between jobs and how my life moves forward from here?

We ate like pigs, stayed up late watching wonderful movies and had some truly compassionate discussions from a female perspective. Listening to my older relatives and their older (than I) friends share their perspectives and experiences really allowed me to learn about maturity and womanhood. While I am the knowledgeable "sage" to my kids, I also need to search out mentors to feed me. Many of these women (one with a broken arm and another age 84) participated in the march on Washington, DC and had visionary wisdom from their experiences. I have come away renewed from their willingness to share and a bit steadier & sturdier, as I craft my future. Thank you everyone!

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