Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Ah, the weather is glorious! Today temps hit 70, the sun was pleasantly warm, birds were singing and the breezes gentle. I pulled out my red metal cafe chairs & table from their winter home, behind the wood pile and onto the patio for a lovely al fresco breakfast.

Then, I attacked the broken butterfly bushes' branches with the loppers and sawed the two snapped saucer magnolia limbs from the tree. The heavy snow from last Sunday did quite a bit of damage to local trees and shrubs. Once pruned everything looks better. I am planning to move a couple of rose bushes once the soil dries out a bit and continue my yard eradication plan by expanding the existing gardens. It is still too early to dig here though, so will play with my garden plans on paper for now.

Emma and Wendy got a lovely afternoon walk along the river path. Nature is budding but no leaves yet. The river is much higher, so hopefully with our usual seasonal rain it will return to normal levels. The dogs and I were tired after an hour and a half of walking in all the fresh air and sunshine. On the way home we stopped for our traditional Easter dinner at Taco Bell. Emma and Wendy got to share a special meat only soft taco.  So for now, wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter and finally, a happy Spring!

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