Monday, March 4, 2013

Saving and Celebrating

This past weekend was my baby's birthday, she turned eighteen... One of us is getting old! She is not a cake eater, thus a cookie cake was my game plan. I have bought many over the years but their price has steadily risen and I wasn't happy about spending $10 for one, so I decided to make my own.

Ease of preparation and tastiness were my primary concerns, and I thought a tube of delicious cookie dough from the refrigerated  grocery shelf would be just the ticket. I could feel guilty about not doing a from scratch cookie but iffy results and a kitchen full of dishes aren't my idea of birthday fun, so no guilt here. I went to this link and got the super easy recipe info:

I formed about a ten inch dough circle with my hands and baked the giant cookie for 15 minutes. It spreads out an extra inch or two and is indeed a lovely, "glass of milk" deserving cookie. We cut it into eighths like a pizza after the birthday girl blew out the candles. The Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough I found was on a twofer sale and since everyone devoured the first cookie, I made up the second tube too. No stinting on celebration at our house! (Plus I saved at least 50% on the overall cost of a bakery cookie cake, even making two cookies.)

Philosophical Moment: Saving cash the yummy way

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