Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More philosophical pondering

Trying to find a career is something akin to going to TJ Maxx and trying on clothes. Once in a while you find the perfect designer outfit and as a bonus, already own all of the excellent accessories; that's my metaphor for finding a complete dream career; it fits your life, it's interesting, having ideal pay and hours.

Other times we are in a rush, blaze into the Maxx, in need an outfit now; we purchase one we like, in a terrific trendy color but the skirt hangs funny or the sleeve is snug. We put up with the imperfections because we have a need that outweighs those little things; meaning, the job isn't quite right but I need: money, benefits, feel free to slip in your pressing need.

Then there's those dreary Maxxinista days where every item we try on is ghastly. Yep, each one emphasizes our massive thighs or the color gives you a dead look. Finally, stalking out of the dressing room discouraged and maybe dragging a bit self esteem, we say the heck with this, I didn't need anything anyway. Yeah, this is the job you knew wouldn't last, bad fit completely.

So why is the perfect outfit/career moment so rare? There are lots of choices out there. Is it time, or money or both? I suspect we do not take enough time to know ourselves and instead start settling, pressured by others' expectations. I also contend we internalize expectations, thus burying our "silly" dreams. Here's the point where it becomes common to be stuck in the make do outfit or job, because we didn't take the time to keep looking for the right fit.

Take time to smell the roses
Life takes patience and boldness to listen to one's heart, searching for the right focus of our talents. I am fortunate not to be starving or homeless, but I earn only a little over poverty line wage. I am lucky to have fall back options and I have learned to live on a string. Still I long for that perfect option, when, how and where? What risks are worth taking? What is an unproductive waste of time? Will I stumble upon my calling or will I have to conduct research?

So I keep plugging along a little work, a little fun, not much shopping...
Lots of thinking going on though and I will probably be writing more.

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