Friday, December 12, 2014

Pre-Holiday insanity

I'm back!! I know it has almost been a month since the last post, but you know life is BUSY! I have just about finished my first semester with a full course load at the local state university; there is only one final exam left on Dec.15th. Add in the challenge of physical exertion on my night shift job, and family obligations like oh, meals, paying the electric bill regularly and those pesky, recurring chores like laundry or dish washing (yes, these can be options for as long as you can hold out) I've been a bit tired & overwhelmed.

Christmas is not my favorite holiday, probably because of my job... yep, I am one of those anonymous  workers that  insure the gift you ordered online, makes it onto a delivery truck in time for your holiday celebration. This is always an exhausting season in the shipping business, so I can't decide if it's my age or all the additional activities I have undertaken that are adding to my fatigue. Probably a little of both in all honesty.

This year we will be putting up a paper tree for our Christmas. This is an emergency alternative when a stressed family cannot find the time to purchase and decorate a real tree. We did this about eight years ago during a family crisis; it was so successful and fondly remembered, it will be resurrected this holiday season. I will do another post so you can all see the result.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the holiday knitting projects... I am a fool to even consider any projects but three are underway. I've been knitting to my favorite online endless loop ,the forever burning yule log; add a favorite music selection like Chopin or the Icelandic group Asgeir Trausti while sitting on a heating pad and it almost seems real. Hope to include these knitting projects in my next post too. Fingers crossed.

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