Thursday, May 18, 2017

2 weeks Abroad

Edinburgh Castle
Where have I been? Yep, again getting out of town was a good idea. A birthday gift to myself, a little touring, a lot of sightseeing, but mostly an immersion into a different culture. While traveling can be stressful to some folks, I thrive pushing my limits and experiencing new environments. Of course, I do miss my dogs and gardens, not forgetting my family while I am vacating, but I love the challenge of figuring out what to eat, finding sites on a map, blending in and talking with locals. Returning home is a smidge of a letdown, since those challenges are not part of my life here.

Scotland was wonderful, with only one sleety day, the rest were all sunny and 15C /60F; perfect weather for hiking through city, town and countryside. I had a second Spring season since the daffodils and wildflowers were all in bloom. Further north, there was still snow on the mountains of the Highlands. The west coast & the islands were truly pleasant, ice cream cones and shorts were the norm.
Isle of Iona
The Hermitage, Black Linn Falls

Culross Palace & herb gardens

Highland cow or Gaelic Heilan coo
Little did I know that after two weeks of perfect weather I would return to the States post-extreme rain. Landing a JFK, my next 3 rescheduled flights were canceled, then I was shuttled to LaGuardia Airport where my flight there was also canceled. By late evening, the airline was planning to send me to Philadelphia, until I begged to be routed through Chicago O'Hare. Yes, I spent the night on a cot at O'Hare, but everyone was very pleasant and the next morning I was back in St. Louis.

Once settled in at home, two days later... I'm outside working in the gardens, which are looking good from the two weeks of intensive prep I did before leaving town. I discovered a nest of baby cottontails underneath a large coral bells (heurchera) plant. Cute blaze on this little rabbit, but of course they will soon be munching on my plants. I will be making a few more wire plant cages to protect my favorite perennials from their expanding bunny appetites. Ah, nature...

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