Saturday, May 27, 2017


First day of the long Memorial weekend and we are having a very windy evening thunderstorm. The family has been busy out & about; I at an estate sale in Webster Groves, Jim fishing, Val working and Jul interning at Circus Flora. The dogs were the homebodies today!

I found an old folding sewing table made in So. Paris, Maine with an inlaid yardstick. I spent several years as a Maine resident, so enjoying my time in a rural northern community I get a bit homesick when I find Maine products. I also purchased the heavy German pottery mug on the table at the same estate sale. I am thinking about using the table as a portable worktable for my crafting adventures. Apparently, my financial future will be one of my own making... literally. I have still had no luck landing any career-type jobs. I am thinking the economic stats are all lies, at least here, when it takes at least a month to receive any sort of reply from an online application.

With a rainy evening ahead, we fired up the hibachi for some grilled hotdogs and mushroom caps. It was pleasant watching the rain from our garage while still enjoying a grill-out and a beer. The garden definitely needed a good drenching. All three rain barrels are now full, and outfitted with new PVC overflow piping. The lettuce table is sprouting and I have been adding a few new stepping stones to the gardens. I noticed fireflies two days ago, there's a giant toad in the front garden and the hummingbirds have returned, bickering over one feeder when I have provided them two! 

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