Sunday, May 28, 2017

Garden Update

It was a bit misty this morning after thunderstorms yesterday. With all the rain, the fireflies have hatched out early; there seem to be more every night. I spotted these two climbing the spaghetti squash enclosure.

  The lettuce table is really sprouting! Oakleaf (L), Spinach (Center), and a Mesclun mix (R). The other two rows of Prizehead and some anonymous "Salad Mix" are spotty and I may re-seed. I may be clipping some baby greens for my Memorial Day salad! See original salad table post here

Planted three tomatoes this year: a Roma, a red Cherry-100 and in the foreground, a mini Yellow Pear. The basil and cilantro are looking good as well. The wood siding on this raised bed rotted and fell apart, so we are trying these narrow, 8" tall cement blocks anchored with rebar. I did a "lasagna garden" technique using a base layer of wet newspaper, and there do seem to be fewer weeds in this bed, especially the runners of bermuda grass that plague my yard. I also added compost, green sand, and powdered eggshell to the soil mix.

One of my favorite flowering plant this year, is the Missouri Primrose (Oenothera missouriensis), a local native. I have three that are blooming well. The yellow flowers are about 4" across and bloom from the end of the day through early morning before wilting. A cheerful floral greeting while wandering the yard with my morning cuppa tea. My pansies are being overwhelmed!

Another of my favorites has bloomed well this year, a Bellflower (Campanula latifolia). I think this blooms biennially, because it didn't bloom last year. This beauty is almost 4' tall with almost 2" flower bells. I had to stake it because another flower spike had fallen over and was being overgrown by the surrounding aggressive lemon balm. I am pleased to see this plant again and may try to do a stem cutting to root another plant in a less crowded garden.

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