Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Averting the Fiscal Cliff

Well, I guess we didn't plunge over the cliff, but I had been thinking all day about how I could save more pennies just in case. I didn't really come up with any more ideas other than eating our favorite Lentil and Rice dish more often (recipe to follow). We have already implemented some thrifty "reduce, reuse and recycle" ideas:

1.) Tear up an old sheet, tee shirt or some cotton muslin into 6''x6'' squares, then buy the 51 oz. carton of Great Value fabric softener from Wmart  and a spray bottle. Give 4-6 sprays on the fabric square and toss into the clothes dryer, instead of those expensive dryer sheets. It works just as well and the carton of fabric softener lasts at least a year. If the fabric squares get too blue or stiff just run them through the washer with your clothes, then reuse. They last forever or at least until you lose them.

2.)Those net bags around onions & oranges work great as pan scrubbers and don't rust like steel wool pads. I tie them in a knot or scrunch one net bag up inside another for an easier grip.When they wear out, just cut up and toss away guilt free, since they were trash for years until I realized how useful they were.

Lentil and Rice Dish
1c. rice (cooked the usual way)
1/2 c. brown lentils, rinsed. Put in small saucepot with enough water to cover about an inch over them. Simmer 15-20 minutes until soft. Drain off excess water.
*Combine hot rice and lentils. Wonderful additions to this basic recipe are sauteed onions and shrimp or going completely vegetarian using peppers, mushrooms and onions. Creative options abound. We season it on our plates with either Italian salad dressing or soy sauce. Recipe doubles easily for a huge amount.

Finally, I could not resist a thrifty fashion tip for the household pooches. Buy one (Wmart) bandanna for about a dollar and cut it in half for two darling doggie scarves, like those modeled by Emma and Wendy.

Happy New Year!! Hoping that 2013 will be fruitful and fun... The dogs hope for lots of walks.


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