Saturday, January 5, 2013

"More like guidelines really..."

A new year always takes me about a week to get used to...  To get a feel for things to come and a sense of my place in all of it. I stopped doing resolutions years ago because I rarely fulfilled those lofty declarations of intent and then had to resolve, said resolution disappointment. Nowadays, I shoot for annual guidelines as a means to focus my intentions in a certain direction. A few trigger words to carry around on an index card in my wallet this new year are the winning concepts:  simplify and create. Yep, I'm pulling out all the stops and applying both those words to everything I do. My goals are to streamline the messy spots and brighten things up with some colorful ingenuity.

I have been intent on tidying up the yarn stash, mostly by using some of the older yarn in projects. This winter I am quite inspired and seem to be a speedier knitter since my knitting tour of Iceland. It appears that some cosmic knitting juju has been transferred. Anyway, I did some sewing of project bags for yarn and knitting needles, killing two birds with one stone, as this also decreases the fabric stash of fat quarters! I gifted a half dozen bags at Christmas, so this new bag is for me. A newly started hat project will soon be in residence. Week one of simplify and create seems to have been a fledgling success.

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