Sunday, January 20, 2013


I think it is important to find a center and live your life around it. That being said, I have found center points are not that difficult to create, the challenge lies in artfully adjusting the rest of life to conform around your chosen center.

Midlife seems to be a time when all previous life center points scream for readjustment. No longer are children a viable focus, especially since I want them to develop their independence and self-sufficiency. In my situation a career disappeared and in it's place a part time job became the creative adjustment to working around my kids' needs. Now with children grown, I am a different person searching for a new center point and career that will fill the rest of my lifetime with meaningful work.

Remembering who I was before children gives me clues to my interests, but I am not sure looking to the past would be helpful or even relevant now. Midlife seems akin to reentering adolescence, only with a lot more experiential smarts on board. No less frustrating a phase though; I have traveled a bit, volunteered, graduated from community college, increased my environmental consciousness, gardened, crafted and journaled, yet I still cannot figure out a compelling path for my talents...

Walking my dogs and writing seem the most satisfying activities recently, so perhaps these shall be strategic elements in my cosmic toolbox, along with my new year's index card reminder to simplify and create. I have but paper, words, philosophy and my feet to burst forth a new creature! Should be interesting, to say the least.

Philosophical Moment:
Grow roots deep where you are & you shall bloom.
(I've got roots, am working on the flower part!)

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