Friday, June 26, 2015

1 Month out

Four whole weeks have passed in this post-operative healing stage... I am a little restless on occasion and need to get out of the house, but otherwise, I have been content reading, knitting, Pinteresting and contemplating the amazing possibilities of..., oh, I don't know, the novel lurking in my brain or a higher score on Tetris. I have appreciated catching up on some sleep. I hope to have a healed ankle, as well as some other project to show for all this time off.

No rain and much less humidity this evening, so I got out into the yard to weed 3 of the 4 raised beds with Juli's help. The two "Cherry tomato" plants have some suspiciously large green tomatoes, but I will take what I can get and try not to believe both plants were mistakenly tagged. Our two tiny zucchini have rotted, but there is another starting which I hope will benefit from more sun and heat.

The roses are blooming less without sunshine, but overall, the foliage is a healthy green. Juli gave a dose of Neem oil spray to the arbor and fence roses which are the only two with some black spot fungus. Son Jim picked off and crushed about 50 Japanese beetles from the Knockout rose near the arbor. The rain has given the Japanese beetles a late and significantly limited attack so far this year.

With the amazing amount of rain that we have had, the perennial gardens have plants growing over each other. The lack of sun has limited the blooms though, so I hope there will be some sunny days soon to pop out some color. As you can see the Bleeding Heart is yellowing and dying back, the Black-Eyed Susans (rudebeckia) are nearly ready to bloom, and the gladiolas are starting to show some colorful buds.

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