Thursday, June 11, 2015

Surprises and art

I found this painting fifteen years ago in a local antique/junk shop. I loved the colors, but what really drew my eye was the expression of light through the mountains, on the road and across the "stick man's" burdened shoulders. This oil painting has hung at the foot of my bed for the last fifteen years and it is the second thing I have seen all those mornings, after glaring at my alarm clock.

Initially, my curiosity had me attempting to research the artist's signature, but I had no luck deciphering it. So, the only other clues to date this painting were the nailed canvas and frame. The frame is hand carved and the beige painted matte is plaster, which suggests the artist framed his own work. I also think the surface of the oil painting has been varnished.This makes me guess early 1900's ? Who knows, but the locale has always felt Italian to me.

Over the years I have made up all sorts of stories about this man and his burden of sticks, some hopeful, others not. Then this wonderful painting, which I still smile at if I study it, faded into the environment of my home. I had no more questions, and I just lived with it... for fifteen years.

Imagine my surprise when I came across this photo in the UK Times Travel section, in an article titled, Summer in the Dolomites, by Sue Lawley, dated 19 February 2013 (the photo is uncredited). I am sitting in bed with my laptop yesterday, and a photograph depicting the location of my painting pops up. Eliminate that split rail fence and I swear I could drop my "stick man" into that photo. How cool is that?


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