Friday, June 19, 2015

Rain with local Flooding

A few posts back I mentioned our apparent "rainforest conditions," and they certainly have continued. It has been raining almost daily from the last couple weeks of May, until today with no anticipated dry spell forecast anytime soon. Weather data sites have determined May 2015 to be the wettest for Missouri in 120 years with rainfall accumulation between 7.5-10 inches (19-25cm) across the state. The Missouri River in downtown St. Charles has risen significantly in the last two days and has now breached the Lewis & Clark Museum parking lot, as well as the outer banks of Frontier Park. I am amazed how quickly a massive pile-up of drift wood collects around the barge when the river floods. With no end predicted to this thunderstorm weather pattern, we will be having significant summer flooding this year. Some rural farm roads between the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers are already impacted, see here .
Joe Pye Weed (foreground)

My garden is bursting with GREEN and blooming. The Joe Pye Weed is four feet tall! Poor Mr. Gnome is nearly lost in the foliage... The rain and steamy 93F/33C temperatures have all the garden plants achieving maximum proportions, unfortunately, that includes the less desirable weedy plants amongst them.

Currently, the soil is so saturated with rain that trees will soon be in danger of toppling over if we get any high winds associated with the remnants of Tropical storm Bill. "Bill" is supposed to arrive about midnight tonight and dump another 3-5 inches (7-12cm) of rain. The riverfront will certainly have more flooding by Sunday. Our local 4th of July fireworks are usually shot from a barge on the river, but Frontier park may not be accessible by that date. We will have to wait and see what develops.

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