Thursday, June 11, 2015

Flushing Brain mud

 I am waxing philosophic, since I have had some uninterrupted quiet time to think. I have long envied individuals who could "get away," taking a big chunk of time to separate from the rigors of daily life and contemplate the world around them. Both Archimedes soaking in his famous "Eureka" bath, and Thoreau in his cabin took the time to slow down and get away, refreshing their minds for new ideas. Smart people taking their time to think...

Unfortunately, in today's busy climate with  instant access to everything, it is easy to forget there is a process to examining an idea, questioning it and then perhaps, mindfully creating something new. I am considering the perspective that we are being mentally buried in the clutter of social stuff, ranging from actual possessions to popular opinion determining how we live, think, act and look. So,
the upside to my twelve weeks hanging out at home is wow! I have gotten my long envied desire, a big chunk of time to separate & contemplate. And knit, read, maybe draw, tidy my room a bit at a time... I had better make a list!

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