Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Full Cold Moon

Our December full moon is shrouded in fog this evening, yet the moon glow gives a soft blue white radiance to the snow. A pair of Great Horned Owls have started their evening mating calls, hoo hoo hoo-hooing from the pine trees across the street, to as close as my magnolia in the front yard. I find the owl's call very soothing and often go outside to try and get a glimpse of them. Here in Missouri they are year round residents. Fortunately, there is a huge cemetery across the street with abutting state & city owned green space, allowing for at least 20 acres of forest and field open habitat. Take a peek at this website for terrific info on our local owls

I have been a bit slow to get the Christmas tree decorated. I have not succumbed to the ease of an artificial tree yet, preferring a fresh fir with its spicy scent. Our tree is about six feet tall and very full; so far I have only draped a tree skirt around the base and placed the star on top. So many holiday projects are demanding attention, it doesn't seem to matter how well planned you think you are, crunch time is always the last week before Christmas!

Well, nothing like blogger's guilt to get one motivated! The tree is now decorated. I will be heading back to work December 30th, so I am re-inspired to make the most of my remaining time off. One thing I have learned from this accidental episode is that life truly is what you make it and to accomplish your goals it is important to stay focused on the long range outcome, not the daily plodding.

I plan to continue exploring this life, exercise 150 minutes a week and regularly create with words, yarn and gardens. Yikes, this resembles a New Year's resolution list!

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